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MME Work Request Form For UMBC Only

So that we can serve you in a timely fashion, please fill out and submit the entire work request form.  You will need authorization and a valid chart string number.  Your professor, adviser, principle investigator or supervisor provides authorization.  Your department’s business administrator can authorize expenditures and will be happy to provide you with a valid chart string number.  Please note that we cannot start work until your business administrator grants the MME Technical Service Center authorization to proceed.  Also, please note, that the form will kick back if all required information is not complete.

If you need an estimate, simply indicate as such in the description of service section.

For other information please contact:

  • Micro-fabrication – Tim Buckheit, Phone – 53508, E-mail –
  • Machining – John Cataldi, Phone – 55941, E-mail –
  • Electronics – Dr. Nikolai Galitsky, Phone – 52211, E-mail –